Mission Statement

RAAMCO is dedicated to providing professional, high quality service to its residents and giving them the attention they deserve. We operate as a "hands-on" team — providing quality homes, stable communities and dedicated customer service to individuals and families. We work toward creating high living standards for our residents through our proactive approach to property management, and we maintain our standards through Honesty, Loyalty, and Integrity in all that we do.

About RAAMCO International Incorporated

Thirty years ago, four brothers visiting Vancouver, British Columbia on a pleasure trip found themselves with a rare free day. Already with familial real estate experience, they chose to occupy their day by touring some local real estate. The market looked interesting so they engaged the services of a local brokerage. In 1983, RAAMCO International was incorporated and its first acquisition — a 93 unit building in Vancouver — was purchased. A year later, RAAMCO purchased it's second building in nearby Victoria and the portfolio began to expand.

In 2011, RAAMCO celebrated a momentous milestone in surpassing 10,000 apartment units and 8,500,000 square feet (790,000 M2) of rentable space owned and managed. Today, RAAMCO operates more than forty apartment communities spanning eight regions throughout the US and Canada.

RAAMCO corporate regions include:
(Canada) Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria
(USA) Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas

Distinctively Different

At RAAMCO, our formula for success is simple. We've integrated family values within a corporate scale. Our communities are professionally run following procedures honed over decades of experience. Our business is not only a reflection of industry best practices, but also remains flavored with the personal touches we've learned as a family business over the years. While each of our properties follow similar business formulas, we encourage each to develop their own community activities and to leverage the nuances of their areas. Across North America, all of our properties share a similar feel and it is obvious they are all a part of the same family...yet they also have personalities of their own.

We believe in stability. This concept may sound simple, but it extends in many directions and carries many distinctions. Stability applies to the quality and value we seek to provide in our products and services to each and every one of our community residents. Stability is a cornerstone to providing the quality living experience each of our community residents expects.

Stability within our larger communities is also one of our key success factors. We consider all properties to be stable fixtures within our communities and we consider ourselves to be contributing members of those communities. Through the myriad of changes brought on by area developments, initiatives, local government recalibration, and even natural disasters, we remain stable fixtures within our communities. We are active participants in our local chambers of commerce, our local school systems, and the communities at large. We seek to contribute to our communities not only by providing quality housing to its citizens, but also through participation and leadership.

We believe that the term “owner manager” is significant. It means every property is run and cared for with the pride of ownership. Even more important is the addition of long term to "owner manager". This means that every decision made is made within the context of what is best for our communities over the next five years, ten years and beyond — not just what might work today.

We believe that our blend of business and family gives us a unique perspective. RAAMCO's growth is organic — no outside funding or participation has ever been a part of our business model or our portfolio. This has allowed us to truly experience our growth and combine firsthand lessons learned and industry best practices from British Columbia, Canada to New Jersey, USA (and all points in between).

Since we have remained stable fixtures in each of our areas, we have been able to apply our unique perspectives and establish ourselves such that in all of our regions we believe that our residents, employees and associates will find RAAMCO to be distinctively different.